Compared to when you offer your services locally where you are limited to the businesses or people that live in your area. Example of using a YouTube channel to sell courses about selling on Amazon. If you don’t want to deal with a website, you can upload your courses on websites like Udemy and promote the course on YouTube. Although this approach may sound easier, I don’t recommend it because they give creators a really small amount of money for their sales. You don’t want someone who bought your course to be sharing all its content online for free afterward, do you? Licensing your content is one more additional step, but you can easily take care of it with the help of a lawyer.

  • Next is the FamilyTime app with the customization option to give your kid’s access to only limited content track their locations and can set time limits.
  • Another thing to note, where’s the play button on the YouTube video?
  • The app is child safe, educational, and updated weekly with new episodes.
  • I can search for videos and see my home feed, but the videos won’t play.
  • As such, most of the kids nowadays are using it to view their content.
  • Other Youtubers also encourage those that watch their videos to comment, rate and subscribe to their videos.
  • Once you have indicated the problem you had, click on the option that you want a refund.

YouTube allows you to disable comments entirely on videos or users have the options to approve each comment before they are published, this can help avoid risks of experiencing cyberbullying. Unfortunately, people can experience negative comments and bullying on the service particularly through the comments function . If your child has a YouTube channel/profile it might be a good idea to recommend theydisable comments on their own profile/channel. This can be done very easily via settings and helps minimise risk of experiencing negative comments.

Best For Media Server Setups

Open the “Advanced” tab, and choose the video language. Once you choose a language, the option to “Upload Subtitles/CC” should become available. Tap that option, and choose to upload your subtitles or closed captioning with or without timing. Once inside your YouTube Studio, click “Videos” on the left menu. Find the video to which you want to add subtitles or closed captioning and click on the title to open the video settings. To add subtitles or closed captions, head to your channel and click on “YouTube Studio,” YouTube’s replacement for Video Manager.

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How To Download Videos From Youtube

You can make video courses, written resources, PDFs with exercises. It can be all written content, or you can mix things up and do a variety of written and video content. Usually, people who are selling courses or pieces of training make a short e-book so they let prospects get a peek at the kind of content they are delivering. You can make a premium course to sell at a high price, like $997.

The oversight is probably going be corrected sooner rather than later. Because Google wants us all to start using Google Chrome so youtube is currently encountering some technical difficulties with other web browsers. I forecast and analyze trends affecting the mobile ecosystem. I’ve been a journalist, analyst, and corporate executive, and have chronicled the rise of the mobile economy.