Several dedicated companies guarantee a money-back option. A choice to read their software protocol of the latest version & live policy, share their specific tech activity & some limited or detailed results. They also provide you with the list of strategies & have a proper administration that supports you in many issues. Are you still wondering how to enable your computer to use VPN?

I recommend it a lot for users in China looking for a free version to unlock version. I was looking for a reliable VPN that was fast, easy to use, good for privacy, streaming movies. It has worked good for Netflix and the speed doesnt drop.

How Does A Vpn Work?

Now, this is enough for general browsing, however, if you’re a heavy user, you’ll quickly run out of data. TunnelBear is an awesome VPN service that’s renowned for its whimsical animations and secure apps. Although this VPN service is a bit expensive compared to other VPNs like Surfshark, it also comes in a totally free package. TunnelBear was among the first consumer VPNs to conduct and publicly release the results of an independent security audit. They record when their users connect to the service and publish annual reports on the number of times law enforcement has requested user information.

  • If a government agency requests user logs, VPN providers in these countries will have to comply.
  • TunnelBear is really slow, sometimes it doesn’t connect, we have questions about their “no-logs” status, and they are based in a privacy-hostile location.
  • With the help of a VPN, you can have access to the websites that are temporarily locked or banned by the administration and can also trick the hackers from identifying you.
  • Like in the desktop client, the main screen shows you a map of server locations.
  • There’s no live chat support, but if you need more in-depth help, a Contact page allows you to send a message to the support team.
  • The amount of free traffic is lower than that of some other free VPN services.

TunnelBear, however, does not give you any choices and you can only connect to “United States” in the VPN client. This problem is particularly noticeable if you need a VPN for USA or Canada with numerous server locations. While android TunnelBear app download they do have a post from 2014 on how to use TunnelBear with Linux, it is certainly not the best VPN for this endeavor. For example, in our AVG VPN review, we noted they do not support Linux at all. When attempting to purchase a subscription to run some tests for this TunnelBear review, I noticed a problem.

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Surfshark offers a very rare bonus—unlimited simultaneous connections, making it a great deal for multi-device households. ExpressVPN offers a winning combination of performance and privacy, which is certainly worth the money. You can also take it for a risk-free test drive on up to five devices, courtesy of the 30-day money-back guarantee.