Thanks for the review, but I cannot fix the main fields. Garmin prevents writing to the main fields of the FIT file. If you want that to be changed, contact Garmin to allow „IQ developers to write to the Distance and Speed fields in the FIT file“. As for the values, these can be adjusted in the configuration, every elliptical brand/model reports distance differently, so configuration is necessary. The default will provide distance and speed for other brand but values will differ. thanks for the review, twilight elliptical training, interesting.

And its use of NikeFuel, while forgettable, is just interesting enough to keep me running a little longer. But a feature I previously took for granted in Nike+ Running was its music integration. Where I would occasionally pause a workout when attempting to change a song, the buttons now have their own section in their respective corners. Touchscreen mishaps are now a thing of the past with this new layout, and switching songs has never been easier—an oversight by almost every other running app I looked at. The Health Graph, app promotion on its site, and a dedicated following make RunKeeper quite popular despite some of its downsides. With a fresh coat of paint, RunKeeper could be the ideal fitness database for developers and users alike.

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The watches are obsolete and they are not making any fixes. Your only option is to download the activity from TT Sports and manually upload it into Endomondo. i have a Runner3 and the same problem since a few weeks.

One grievance I have with Endomondo’s location settings is that they are an all-or-nothing deal. There is no option to give the app access to your location only when the app is running. I much prefer fitness apps to offer this setting for both privacy and battery savings. Annoyingly the UA apps make you buy premium access (~$32/yr) for features that Endomondo gave for free, like notifying your friends of your workouts etc.

Intervals Are Not Supported In Stopwatch Mode

And each of those years I get a few workouts into it and remember what a complete nightmare it is to get data off of the darn watch. Or more specifically, out of the Samsung app that accompanies the watch. This year with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, the story is no different. Nike+ Run Club is one of the best and advance featured running apps for iPhone and Apple Watch. With the help of this running app, you can find GPS tracking details of your run and, customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress. Couch to 5K@ is one of the best running apps and fitness training coach for iPhone and Apple Watch.

  • The device syncs all of your data wirelessly, without the need for cables.
  • Has some built in interval training fucntionality also which is nice.
  • Also, the multi sport option and export options were extremely useful.
  • Most of their customers have not yet Download Endomondo APK for Android adopted tracking technology or are occasional users of apps.
  • Even though endomondo has hardly been maintained, not to mention developed further in the last years, it was by far better than mapmyrun until the end.

Then sends you a reminder every day to not forget your run. I am thinking of getting the year subscription to take advantage of the training programs. At that point it’s very easy to add some text about how the workout went and pictures if wanted. Because of the nice clean main page it’s very easy to pause and unpause your workout without delay. To get a better look at how you’re progressing on a weekly basis, you can pinch to zoom out to switch to the weekly view.