Prior to adding the compost, you can also layer on shredded tree leaves and/or grass clippings if they are available. This is especially helpful if the soil is high in clay and/or the topsoil is thin. This is best done in the fall but the method can also work in early spring. It may take 6-8 weeks for the turfgrass to die and begin to decompose, depending on the temperature and weather conditions. You can plant seeds or transplants directly into the compost layer. There are 2 options for removing weeds from your grass, first is to manually dig out the weeds or the second is to apply a chemical weed killer.

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There are a few common options for achieving a lush, green lawn. Once the grass has reached the desired height and the lawn is well-established, mow according to preference. Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass height at a time.

  • In that case click the following link, you may want to consider adding an edging or border material to separate the zones.
  • Grass stains are just chlorophyll transferred from plants to fabrics.
  • Hold the edges and shake lightly so air can get under it, over the compacted stones.
  • “We use 8 inch galvanized nails every 6 inches along the outside,” says Biernacki.

If you cannot find a power broom, use a stiff nylon-bristled broom or carpet rake. Use 4–6 inch (10.2–15.2 cm) galvanized stakes or landscaping anchor pins to fasten the turf around the perimeter, at 6 inch intervals. Hammer them flat, but avoid excessive hammering, which can cause dips in the lawn. When making long cuts, cut short distances at a time and compare to the edge to make sure there are no significant gaps.

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While sod will grow on most soil types, you’ll give your sod the best chance of success with loamy soil, neither too clay-ey or too sandy. Should you decide to remove the sod on a large area, sod cutters are the most efficient and least back-breaking way to handle the chore. Sod cutters are available for rent for do-it-yourselfers or from professional landscapers. It will tell you what your soil lacks so you can buy the right fertilizer and the right amendments. Soil test kits usually say to dig up and blend soil samples from all over your yard.

Keep nuts and bolts tight, especially the blade attachment bolts. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, deadly poison that can kill you. Keep the nozzle in contact with the rim of the fuel tank or container opening at all times until the fueling is complete.

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