The SwiftKey app makes use of artificial intelligence and can predict the text and word which you are intended to type. Moreover, the gesture typing allows fast typing; you get access to tons of cool emojis, GIF, stickers and a lot more. You can customize the app, add fun themes, personalize the layouts and lot more. If you are searching for efficient android keyboards for your smartphone, here are the best 6 Emoji keyboard for Android device. Didn’t expect Google’s famed Gboard to grace this show?

You can change the look of your WhatsApp text messages. The cool font style will be even visible for those who receive the messages. This app allows you to change Instagram and change WhatsApp font as well as changing your Fakebook font and Twitter font or on any font on any Samsung device.

Lovely Frog Keyboard Background Alternatives

You can easily switch in between Zawgyi Myanmar and English Keyboard. It’s Fast transliteration features easily convert your English Phrases into Zawgyi font and letters. Among the other features provided through the Emoji Keyboard-color app are autocapitalization, autocomplete, symbols, smiles, and phrase prediction. This app basically gives you all the function of a standard with all the style and personality that perfectly expresses who you are. Free trial subscription will renew automatically to a paid subscription, unless they are cancelled in iTunes’ Settings 24 hours prior to its end.

  • Another great feature of GO Keyboard 2015 is word prediction, which identifies the words you use and lets you write them faster by typing the first letter or two.
  • Emoticons, which are also known as smileys, have made our conversation on messaging application more interesting and effective.
  • One of the interesting features of Bimoji apps is that it allows you to create your own personalized and unique emojis and avatar to look like yourself.
  • And then try typing a bunch of random emojis in a message to yourself and then delete them before sending them.

If you prefer to install the Handcent SMS app via the web, simply follow these steps. 6.10 I’ve seen a couple YouTube that show a happy face to access emoji’s, but my cell doesn’t show the happy face when I hit the settings button while in a message. Need more help, or want to learn how to install a different system? Click here to return to the menu of items for using emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now you can scroll to see more emoji characters, or tap a different icon set to the right or left of the ‚Smiley‘ set pictured above. To switch back to your standard keyboard at any time, tap the „Sym“ key in the lower left corner.

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Keep in mind that sometimes it won’t work or translate over the exact same image when you copy and paste. However, I find that 99% of the time it works perfectly and is a great way to save those interesting or awesome emojis that you can’t live without. A good strategy is to create a new note by going to the notepad where you will store all of the emoji or emoticons you see around. When you find an emoji that you want to use tap and hold your finger on the picture or icon and a little option will come up to copy the image. Select copy, then head over to your notepad that you created specifically to store emoji and tap and hold your finger again.

Below are some other apps like Frog – Stories Message and Cute Dreamy Unicorn Keyboard Background, compared and available for free download. I strongly recommend Lovely Frog Keyboard Background as good personalization software. With over 116+ and counting downloads, it is a safe app to download, install, and share with friends. I suggest using a file manager app to locate Lovely Frog Keyboard Background apk file. Easy, I Download Emoji Keyboard 6 APK for Android love how Lovely Frog Keyboard Background app is created to be a solidly built theme app with awesome features.