As an Android enthusiast, one thing that frustrates me is how often great Android phones go unnoticed by see more hints the public. Anytime I get a chance to highlight a less popular phone, it makes me happy, which is why currently I am smiling ear to ear. But as I went through my testing, I learned it is fantastic for social media. Unlike previous years, you have another option in the series. If the 6.8-inch display is too large for you, you can opt for the smaller Galaxy Note 10.

If you’re listing a phone as “mint condition,” you’ll need to take several photos showing every angle of the phone. Know that a phone can’t be sold if it’s been reported as lost or stolen or if it hasn’t been paid for in full. Factory reset the phone so that it’s ready to be activated.

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The more efficient design shortens burn times and ultimately means less ignition timing advance is required to produce the same power. And because less timing allows more efficient combustion, the Ls6 heads allow the engine to produce more torque. The exhaust port is a unique D-shape that improves flow. LS6 heads are the best choice only when all-out power is needed. Be prepared for a big price tag at the dealer or steep core charge from your head porter. The standard issue LS1 heads is best all-around head for the street / strip engines .

  • I tried for a while to remove the switches without removing and reapplying the stabilizers but couldn’t swing it.
  • To create this article, 36 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.
  • This includes negotiating with buyers, setting up meetups, and collecting money.
  • However, you don’t upload photos or manage auctions like you would when selling electronics via eBay.

NIA officials said the investigation has not been completed yet and a supplementary chargesheet could be filed. “The Centre has communalised almost all constitutional bodies and have no shame in doing so,” said Nagappan, who was among those who marched to the customs office in Thiruvananthapuram. He accused the Centre of deploying the RSS sympathisers in government bodies, including central investigating agencies. In May 2008, a replacement pump for the toilet on the International Space Station was sent in a diplomatic pouch from Russia to the United States to arrive before liftoff of the next shuttle mission. In 1964, a Moroccan-born Israeli double agent named Mordechai Louk was drugged, bound, and placed in a diplomatic mailing crate at the Egyptian Embassy in Rome, but was rescued by Italian authorities. Twenty-one people have been chargesheeted so far while nine have been mentioned in column 12 of the chargesheet as the accused against whom “investigation is pending”.

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The site emphasizes local transactions, and its listings are either auction-style or fixed-price. Close5 is a website and mobile app designed to help people in the same neighborhood or city sell items, similar to Facebook Marketplace. You just take one or more photos, write a brief description and set a price.

I had my rezervations when seeing it for the first time. Cherry MX blues are music to my ears and the key travel is perfect for my forcefull touch. Great keyboard But it’s take a little bootcamp week to get used to it bc there are no arrow keys.