In the web version of the service, you can communicate with native speakers with instant messenger and video chat – it’s much more effective than flipping through flash cards. The interface of the application only comes in English, however this posed no problem for me as a native Russian speaker. All words are accompanied by pictures, so their meanings are clear even without a translation into my native tongue.

  • From basic internet knowledge to complex mysteries of science, it’s got you fully covered.
  • Another large online language exchange that’s been around for a long time.
  • For example, consider the dating app Tinder versus the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.
  • Now, you can even use your camera to look for dynamic results.
  • British English gives me 22 choices, American English gives me 19.
  • And translation is already widely known to be an ineffective way to learn a language.

In French for business, you will learn about the market, different jobs, and price negotiation. The affordable price, the game-like learning method, and the inclusion of a free plan are some of its key selling points. They should give you enough incentive to try Mondly for yourself and decide if it’s a good fit for your educational needs. Mondly and Babbel both offer monthly plans, but Babbel’s is slightly more expensive at $12.95. There are also fewer language courses on Babbel – only 14 as opposed to 33 available on Mondly. Mondly and Busuu are similar in terms of the services they offer.

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We found ourselves not having a preference between the app and the website. Both were really easy to navigate, and because you log in to your account, your progress is synced so you don’t have to repeat lessons unnecessarily. We really loved the user interface on both the app and online site. Both Busuu APK interfaces were extremely easy to use and also extremely similar. Because you log in through an account, your progress is synced whether you’ve been practicing your new language on your phone or on your computer. We really liked the simple setup with Busuu and the fact that you get such a personalized study plan.

Because of its format, Memrise is probably the easiest spaced repetition platform to use to learn new vocabulary. The website is really good at repeating vocabulary that you already learned into its new courses so you don’t forget everything once you have moved on. This site is really good at using different types of learning to capitalize on all learning styles. After all of the vocabulary is presented and practiced, you will take a short test to review what you just learned. The site is good about giving feedback after the test so that you can determine what vocab words you need to work on.

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The History & Culture section takes you to a journey of China, its language and origin. You can start from the basics with the first module, which has audio support, take MP3 & Video lessons, or start learning to write in Chinese. The Audio lessons are categorized too, different lessons are available for newbies, elementary or intermediate levels. The videos to learn Chinese are interesting and educative as well.