Alex has been doing cruel and unusual things to CSS since 2001. He is the lead front-end design and dev for SitePoint and one-time SitePoint’s Design and UX editor with over 150+ newsletter written. Now Alex is involved in the planning, development, production, and marketing of a huge range of printed and online products and references. Hover.css is a CSS animation library designed for use with buttons and other UI elements in your website. It has really nice 2D transitions, along with a host of other well-crafted animations. Apple popularized the UI trope of vigorously shaking a UI element when a user enters an incorrect response — mimicking a person shaking their head. CSShake provides a range of interesting “shake” animations and there’s no lack of variation in this library.

With the loss, the Cardinals fall to 1-3 overall and 1-1 in league action while the Mountaineers improved to 1-2 overall and 1-1 in MAC play. "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" sold millions of copies throughout its decade-plus run, and was a hit with a generation of sports-loving gamers much the way "Madden NFL" was for football fans. Woods previously had a near monopoly on the golf gaming industry with his hugely popular "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" series of video games, produced by the famed EA Sports, which ran for 15 years. They launched their free iOS app in September, enabling fans to block all social media messages pertaining to many popular shows and sports teams. An app from one of the leading online bookmakers in the betting industry, Bet365 provides live streaming for most sports matches.

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At this point we can choose whether we want to divide the icons on the screen into 5 × 5, 4 × 4, 3 × 3 or 2 × 2 icons. All of them will apply the change and the size of the apps will be proportionally changed. Want to change the default app icon and notification icon of your React Native app in Android?

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Once you are satisfied, you can tap on the Stop Recording button. From the top of the game details page, tap Record gameplay button. To access more features, you have to purchase in-app products.

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Scalable architecture and proper server-side logic is implemented in each product we develop. Game app development is a breakthrough opportunity in the consumer technology revolution.

  • Mobizen is a third-party app you can install from the Google Play Store.
  • Mendeley will automatically extract the details from the document and create a library entry.
  • Capture online audio, streaming sound and microphone voice with adjustable volumes.

For more math games, don’t forget to check out the large selection of free math games organized by grade-level and skill at Math Game Time. Pool Practice helps kids learn about angles, distance, and force as they play a game of pool. The goal of the game is to pocket all of the red balls in as few moves as possible. While the concepts of angles, distance, and force are ideal for middle school, kids in elementary school may also enjoy playing the game. Grand Slam Math puts kids’ multiplication and division skills to the test through a series of word problems.

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If you use the Entitle app itself, you’ll enjoy the optional night mode, customizable font, adjustable text size, and other bookworm-friendly features. Talk about a reading app tailor-made for your commute. For $4.99 a month, Rooster delivers short, satisfying book installments that take an average of 15 minutes to read but build into two book-length works a month, one contemporary, and one classic. The hand-picked works, selected by Rooster’s team of bibliophiles, are readable right in the lovely Rooster app.